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Dylan Thompson-Mackay
Owner, Elwood Pens

About Elwood Pens

Elwood Pens is a passion project of Dylan Thompson-MacKay that is approximately 3 years in the making, with the business officially beginning on June 6, 2016.

The name 'Elwood' comes from Dylan's paternal grandfather who had his struggles with addiction, and was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 25 years.

Elwood Pens hopes to begin donating a portion of all sales to not-for profits like AA and Big Brothers Big Sisters (where Dylan was a Little Brother) starting June of 2018. Each pen is made of real wood, and is handcrafted. Prices range from $50 - $200, with 12 styles of pens available at this time.

Dylan makes each pen, with over 40 woods available to choose from, and custom engraving is available as well for company logos or names. Elwood Pens hopes to become the largest wooden pen brand in the world, and hopes to provide jobs to Atlantic Canadians.